Beauty Product Reviews

Best Eyeliner Yet!

I love eyeliner! It was the second kind of makeup I use (first being lippies) and I love how it makes your eyes do defined. I have a tendency of tearing up a lot when I yawn, which is almost all the time, and people always ask if I'm crying when I'm really not.

I did not like using pencil eyeliner because it would smudge too easily from my tears. I stuck to liquid eyeliner, then came the Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner. It's smudge-proof and actually water-proof! I tried swatching it and took a lot of rubbing for it to actually fade. :) No Panda Eyes for me!

I have the Brown shade which makes me have a defined, but a natural, soft look, perfect for University. :)

I would definitely buy this again. :)