Beauty Product Reviews

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Holiest of holy grail foundation

For shade reference, I wear Mont Blanc in NARS, ~NW18ish in MAC and 002 in this. I think Koh Gen Do's description of this mimicking the radiance you have post facial is absolutely correct. It looks like your skin but just... better. This is not the foundation for someone who wants matte, full coverage, ultra-glam. However, if you want you skin to just look in the best condition of its life, then give this a go. I've found all application methods (brush, sponge, fingers) for this to be beautiful, but I do have a slight preference for a sponge.

I understand people's frustration in the shade range of KGD's products, and unfortunately being a Japanese company, with its products made in Japan for Japanese people does limit the shade range (this leads to a very homogenous colour range). However, if you can find a match in this then I wholeheartedly recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

Everything Pixi's Glow Tonic should've been AND MORE.

This stuff is probably the least "ordinary" thing from The Ordinary line. I mean that it is not just a one note product. Not only do you get an absolutely fantastic amount of Glycolic Acid, a huge size and I have a particular affinity to the clinical nature of the packing, the product itself goes above and beyond. A mix of glycolic acid, aloe vera, ginseng, Tasmanian pepperberry, a whole heap of amino acids, and damask rose water. It exfoliates, calms, hydrates, brightens, and does not irritate. One of my top 5 products from the line, it's incredible. I think that this is a product that every body needs in their routine. It will target everything that you currently think is wrong with your skin. I will repurchase this forever.