summertime <3


How about this cute manicure for summer :)?

  • Added Jul 16, 2013

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Jul 19, 2013

Alina V.

Hey thanks ;)
so first put on a base coat.
Then work with acrylic paints :)
You can choose 2 colors of your choise ;)
Take a brush und dip one half of it in the first color and the other half in second color. Then blend them together on a sheet of paper or something :p..
and now create your tip :)!
Let it dry and then pick up a tiny brush to create the leopard print.
Finish all with a top coat and your manicure is ready :*
Hope that you could understand it, otherwise I try to make a tutorial with photos for you :)
and sry for my bad english :s

Jul 18, 2013

Amanda H.

Would love to know how you did this!! adorable!