My platinum hair=the death of my hair. :D

  • Added Jun 30, 2011

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May 10, 2012

Rachelle R.

I've always wanted to take my hair to platinum but my stylists told me my hair would fall out. Did you just bleach it? Did it make your hair gummy?

Dec 11, 2011

Leslie Z.

I absolutely Love the hair! I currently have a cut similar to this, but i don't think it looks nearly as great as yours. 

Nov 25, 2011

Treyana B.

You are rocking the hair...very cute!!

Nov 26, 2011

Heather H.

Thank you Treyana! :)

Oct 2, 2011

Claire D.

I love your hair! I was thinking about doing my bangs like that, just with a different color.

I know this was hella damaging butttt it looked so so good!!!!!!

Sep 27, 2011

Heather H.

Haha! Tell me about it! I sometimes miss platinum hair, but I will never do it again...unless it's a small panel or platinum extensions in the future.

Aug 30, 2011

Drea L.

You look marvelous!! You pull this off like no other. So pretty. :D

Jul 10, 2011

Megan N.

man i wish i can pull hair off like this! 

Jul 10, 2011

Heather H.

Thank you Megan! It was super harsh on my hair.

Jul 10, 2011

Megan N.

but it looks so awesome and you can def pull off like no other. lol

hot! love the brows!! :D