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Dec 09, 2014

Isabel A.

Sorry I just downloaded this app again, and to be honest the pain was only a few minutes after I got it pierced but to a level of 1 to 10 the pain was only a 4 :) the care is pretty easy I recommend you NOT talking for the forst few hours the less you talk the faster your swollen tongue heals. No milk, no greasy foods and meat, no alcohol or smoking. I waited a week and a half but the recommended time is a month I used a special mouthwash to take extra care of it. Its so worth it at first I thought I wasn't going to get used to the feeling of the piercings but after a year I keep forgetting I have them even when I play with them all the time lol, hope I helped :)  @gabriela.

Aug 28, 2014

Gabriela L.

Yes I want these! how was the pain and how is it taking care of them? (: