Winged Liner and Hot Pink Lips


New silver hair!

  • Added Jul 28, 2014

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Sep 27, 2015

Madeline J.

Do you think I could pull off grey/silver hair? Sorry for this weird photo, it's late at night and I'm bothering myself thinking about wanting grey/silver hair lol.

Jan 21, 2016

Kala W.

I think you can! I love silver on everyone!

Sep 06, 2014

Renee D.

Brave choice-and it works on you!? Great job!

Sep 19, 2014

Kala W.

My hair? Yes I love it!

Aug 27, 2014

Lauren N.

Beautiful hun

Sep 19, 2014

Kala W.

Thank you <3

Aug 16, 2014

Ashley B.

Pretty eyes and lipstick.

Sep 19, 2014

Kala W.

thanks :)

Aug 12, 2014

Mica B.

You're perfect.Just absolutely perfect.<3.

Sep 19, 2014

Kala W.

thank you <3 (:

Aug 10, 2014

Bea S.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you get your hair that colour? My hair is brown with blonde ombre, would grey work for me? would I have to bleach it first?

Sep 19, 2014

Kala W.

My stylist just lightened my hair to blonde then toned it to a silver/ white blonde:) Only thing I do to make it more silver looking is to leave my purple shampoo in my hair for 10 or more minutes in the shower.

Aug 04, 2014

Caro L.

Nice hair!

Aug 05, 2014

Kala W.

<3 Thank you :)

Aug 04, 2014

Bohea H.

Love your entire look! Hair, make up, tattoo, everything! Super like!!

Aug 05, 2014

Kala W.

Thank youu :)

Aug 02, 2014

Holly L.

I love your hair!!

Aug 05, 2014

Kala W.

Thank you! (:

Aug 01, 2014

Jay S.

No problem!:)

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