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Spray tanning is a new technique of sunless tanning. Technically spray tanning technique is something between tanning beds and self-tanning cosmetic. You will have to visit a spray tanning parlor where you might be offered a special mist. After a few minutes the whole process is done and in a short time, you will get the sun tan you want.

How does spray tanning work?

The mist used in such tanning has DHA, a chemical reacting to your skin's outer layer and dyeing it brown. Also, it works just like other tanning lotions, but the sprays and booth assure that your whole body will be covered equally with DHA. Spray tanning might not require any additional sessions - one visit is enough to get the desired sun tan you desired.

How long does it last?

As mentioned a spray tanning works only on the outer layer of the skin (the dead on), so the effects can last only up to a week and then they disappear in four or five days. Celcius spray tan in Adelaide is an excellent technique used to make you look good for a short time. But of course, you can also visit a spray tanning salon as you wish to retain the skin color.

How to make it last longer?

The skin replacement process is something that is unavoidable, but you retain the tan if you follow a few things before starting your spray tanning session.

• Moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer preferably a water based before spray tanning. It can help the DHA to sink it into the skin and to add lifespan of the tan.

• Exfoliate, cleanse your outermost layers of the skin to remove dead cells that are about to fall off. So the mist will only dye the new layer of your skin, which might take several days to fall off again.

The tan color

It is impossible to get an unseemly tan color due to the chemical processes caused by DHA. It will be always a brown shade. Of course, you can also choose your shade and you will be offered all the palette of browns - from light to dark ones. It does not change the session time.

Can it be dangerous for your health?

Most health hazards like UV- tanning methods are eliminated by spray tanning, so cancer and skin aging are no longer problems. The only side effect that users get is the allergy for DHA.

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