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ML is the process by which machines learn from data and feedback through specially designed algorithms. It involves rote learning, where the computer memorizes individual items and procedures, and generalization, where the machine applies past experience to new situations.

AI is becoming more popular in education, and students are starting to use it to write their essays. Not everyone is happy with this trend, but there are some teachers and educators who believe that it can help students think critically and independently. If educators embrace this technology, it will be a good thing for the future of education.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools like can generate text in seconds, with only a simple prompt. This makes them ideal for writing essays for school or work, since students have to write a lot of it.

However, these AI tools can also be a source of cheating. For example, a biochemistry student claimed they got an A by using an AI model to write “five good and bad things about biotech.”

To avoid students using AI tools for essay writing, instructors may want to re-envision writing as composition. They can also challenge students to edit an AI essay, transforming it into more analytical thesis writing.

If faculty have concerns about AI cheating, they should make clear on their syllabus whether they allow or ban it. They should also identify a path for plagiarism detection software to be used on submitted work.

  • Added Apr 5, 2023

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