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My 23rd bday makeup look..


Nothing spectacular, just a basic brown eye and berry lip. :)

  • Added Aug 28, 2013

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Sep 03, 2013

Candace V.

Thank you Elsa and Brook! xoxox Just yesterday some pig rudely commented on Elsa's photo and this exact pic of me saying "eww wtf is wrong with your teeth". That guy was reported and just like Alana. D didn't really have much of a profile, in fact he had a blank photo as his profile pic. I'm so sick of people saying rude things about other peoples photos. Just like Elsa said, we girls on beautilish have have to stick together. xox

Sep 03, 2013

Brooke B.

Alana D. there is nothing wrong with her teeth, my favorite thing in the whole world is when people on here with NO pictures of themselves are rude to the gorgeous people on here that have actual pictures of themselves not a cement pole. So you're probably very young or not confident enough to have your own picture on your profile :/ so I'd keep your nastiness to yourself.

Sep 01, 2013

Elsa L.

I just reported him gorgeous ignore this thing . your. Gorgeous I definitely don't no what's his issue he probably can't get a gorgeous beautiful women like you because he's the only negative one here you have me as your beautylish friend and others and we stick together 

Sep 01, 2013

Candace V.

Uhh I have braces you jerk!