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Wearing brown contacts

  • Added Oct 17, 2013

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Oct 21, 2013

Clau D.

I love it. Very nice for a day makeup. Did you use only one purple? I discovered Mac makeup ( I mean,I knew the brand but there's no shop into my town ) and I fell in love with some of their mineralized eye shadow. I hesitate to buy one. What would you say about the lasting of the product itself? and on your eyes? (without primer) and the easinness of the use?

Oct 22, 2013

Breezy S.

I used two shades of purple and I think that the product last a long time but if it is a hot day then the color will fade away but jus a little other then that it is really good and lasts a long time

Oct 18, 2013

Nicole H.

What are the names of the eyeshadows.

Oct 19, 2013

Breezy S.

The purple color was an eggplant purple and I added a little midnight black to it and silver towards the inner part of your eye

Oct 17, 2013

Kasarah S.

Love the natural lashes...

Oct 19, 2013

Breezy S.