Glitter !!!!


Comment if I should make an Instagram !❥

  • Added Feb 02, 2014

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Nov 30, 2014

Misty T.

Yes!! you should make an instagram!!

Feb 17, 2014

Haileyy M.

You're flawless :o... I feel so ugly lol.

Feb 15, 2014

Jen S.


Feb 10, 2014

Hilda R.

Thank you :O that's weird I use it everyday but the black made it pop.

Feb 10, 2014

Anita M.

your so beautiful!

Feb 10, 2014

Abeline M.

Thanks gorgeous!!

Feb 09, 2014

Melina O.

Did you make one?

Feb 06, 2014

Alectia S.


Feb 06, 2014

Hilda R.

What lipstick did you use for your 3rd video?! I absolutely love it.

Feb 10, 2014

Abeline M.

Black cherry by revlon with a tiny bit of black liner (:

Feb 05, 2014

Emilee K.


Feb 05, 2014

Vanessa D.


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