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My sister's Ombre! :)


100% Natural hair - all i used was Bleach & 6% :)

  • Added Mar 02, 2013

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Aug 16, 2016

Grace N.

This looks so good! Your hair is so healthy and strong. What curling iron did you use?

Sep 10, 2014

Jennifer C.

This is beautiful but next time if you want it to look natural tease it before you bleach it.

Aug 02, 2014

Leila A.

I've been thinking of doing this to my hair but before I do anything to make me look like Ronald McDonald, I MUST know how you did this??!!;)))

Sep 01, 2014

ClaraMariaxo P.

Hey Beautiful I can make a video on some tips when your doing ombre on your own hair? x

Jun 07, 2014

Ash butt A.

Wow beautiful n healthy hair :)

Sep 01, 2014

ClaraMariaxo P.

Sure was healthy ahha x

Apr 20, 2014

Mimi E.

Wow her hair looks so healthy

Apr 21, 2014

ClaraMariaxo P.

Yeah she has pretty strong hair! :)

Mar 11, 2014

Yesenia G.

I have a question I want to dye my hair red , but don't want to use bleach , is that possible?

Mar 19, 2014

ClaraMariaxo P.

Hey lovely! What colour is your hair now? & how red do you wanna go?

Mar 01, 2014

Harroop P.

I hv dark brown hair.

Mar 19, 2014

ClaraMariaxo P.

It might not turn out as blonde as this at first you just have to redo it and wait atleast 6 weeks before doing it again to avoid any more damage to your hair! :)

Mar 01, 2014

Harroop P.

I also want to do this but I dnt hv thick hair... Hope it does nt look yakkss ok ma I hv chemically straight...can you please help me??

Mar 01, 2014

ClaraMariaxo P.

You don't need to have thick hair to do it darl :).. what colour is your hair now?

Nov 21, 2013

Blanca C.

Did you use a toner after the bleach?... Looks great btw :-)

Feb 08, 2014

ClaraMariaxo P.

No toner at all :)).. I would of used a toner but I didnt have one at the time but looked good anyway :))

Nov 19, 2013

Ann H.


so pretty!!

Feb 08, 2014

ClaraMariaxo P.

thank you :)

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