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Mar 06, 2013

Halee B.

You're soooo Prettttty!

Mar 05, 2013

Kaila M.

You girls are way too nice! Thank you all so much. ❤
Nicole, that's my natural hair color. I refuse to dye my hair. 😊
But balqia, I just blow dry my hair with my head bent over. It's gives me so much volume. I put a heat protectant spray on it before though. Then I just add a few curls with my wand. Tease & hair spray it. & I'm done. ❤

Mar 04, 2013

Nicole M.

So pretty! What is your hair color or if you dye it, what do you use to achieve that color? Love it!

Mar 04, 2013

Brittany B.

You are so pretty! And you're hair is amazing.

Mar 04, 2013

Balqia A.

Your hair is awesome.

Mar 04, 2013

Balqia A.

Luvv your hair how do you do it

Mar 04, 2013

Brianna B.

Wow you're beautiful.

Mar 04, 2013

Cham W.


Mar 04, 2013

Kelly T.

Wow you're gorgeous.

Mar 04, 2013

Precious E.

Wow! You look beautiful

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