cartoon nails.



  • Added Apr 26, 2013

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Apr 29, 2013

Anna A.

OH! THESE ARE THE BEES KNEES!! I think it's my fav! :D <3333333333333.

Apr 28, 2013

Megan T.

I thought so! I feel like credit should be given when you screen shot a picture of someone else's design. Lol.

Yes it is a screen shot.

Apr 27, 2013

Molly P.

I did these :)

Apr 27, 2013

Sonja J.

Megan t.,I am completely sure that it's from cutepolish on youtube,just cuz I watched that vid 100 000 times xD.

Apr 27, 2013

Annie B.

@Megan Actually, I think it is.

Apr 27, 2013

Megan T.

Isn't this a screen shot from Cutepolish on YouTube?