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no one is perfect.

  • Added Oct 11, 2011

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Oct 18, 2011

Lucy M.

You look gorgeous on both sides! Love you eye color! Are they lenses?

Oct 18, 2011

Ashley B.

thank you! those are my natural eyes.

Oct 29, 2011

Lucy M.

WOW! I wish I had that color for my eyes! GORGEOUS!!!

Oct 18, 2011

Barbara V.

you look great on both sides!! looove this picture

Oct 17, 2011

Tasha C.

omg i love the colour of your eyes! or are they lenses? :o
you're so beautiful ^ ^ x

Amen to that Ash!!! Thanks for being so real!

This is like the coolest pic ever. Thanks for following!

Oct 14, 2011

Zoe C.

This is so cool! I look like a boy without makeup, its pretty awesome how it can totoally transform your face :P

Oct 12, 2011

Sarah H.

amazing photo. can show how different someone can look with make up, but you good great on both sides of your face. :)

Oct 13, 2011

Ashley B.

Thank you, Sarah. You're so sweet.

Thank you for joining in on the topic! You are beautiful. :)
I get told I have a "baby" face alot, so that's really a big thing as to why I wear makeup.

Oct 13, 2011

Ashley B.

Thank you so much! Having a baby face, in my opinion, is a lot better than looking old(: