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splatter nails! kinda messy..oh well :)

  • Added Sep 02, 2011

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Sep 24, 2011

ILa D.

super cute! how did you do it?

Sep 29, 2011

Katie G.

Thanks ILa :) If you look a little further down in the comments, I posted a link of the tutorial I used for this :)

Sep 11, 2011

Katie G.

Thanks's super easy :) just messy!

Sep 09, 2011

HaileySin R.

Sooo coool Im excited to try this !

Sep 07, 2011

Maryy E.

Thats cool. 

Sep 07, 2011

Katie G.

thanks girl!

Sep 07, 2011

Toi C.

this is hella cool ... 

so cool

Sep 02, 2011

Katie G.

I'm going to attach a blog post where I got the idea :)

Instead of using the straws though, I used an empty ball-point pen tube (the narrower the whole, the smaller the splats) and just cleaned it off in between each color :)

Sep 02, 2011

Marcela F.

How did you do this?? So cool!!
I wanna try it!