How to: Galaxy Lips


this is how i did the galaxy lips for those who asked. enjoy.

1. apply mac orpheus on the upper lip (it has tiny glitters on them which will later on serve as stars)
2. apply mac hyacinth under orpheus
3. apply mac minted on the lower upper lip
4. apply mac magenta on the bottom lip
5. purse lips
6. apply lip gloss in a dabbing motion
7. clean the edges with a concealer
8. smile & take a photo

  • Added Jan 09, 2013

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Feb 03, 2013

Emily C.

Wow! So cute ♥ !!!

Jaina M.

Jan 20, 2013

Jaina M.

your natural lips are so beautifully pretty and pink!

Jan 12, 2013

Celine L.

Thank you so much Sharmayne! This is just amazingly beautiful...