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Not for everyone, but it's for me!

This mascara isn't waterproof, which I love, and it works well with eyelash extensions (if you even want to wear mascara with them). The brush is big and chunky, like the design, and has a more than fair amount of product on it, which I love (but a lot don't!). Like all mascaras, the tip comes out with more because the stopper can't get to it, so you must tilt and swirl it off inside the tube (the excess top mascara is very noticeable with this one). I love how it makes my lashes look, big and chunky, but not clumpy. It doesn't float everyone's boat, but I cannot get enough. (side note, I always like the travel sized more, is that just me?!)

Too cute

This little puppy is great for on the go, especially how it's in a cute little tin. The three eyeshadow colours have lovely pigment and shine to them ( except 1 matte shade, which has fantastic smooth creamy texture and rich pigment) and the soleil bronzer and snowbunny are 2 of my favourites anyway. Did I mention this thing smells delicious?! The real cocoa powder these shadows and bronzer are infused with makes me want to eat it! Love the lipglass color as well, and can't wait until it comes out in the spring. When I'm in a hurry, this little tin plus foundation is all I need, and I love the look it gives me (naturally pretty!). Too Faced has nailed their holiday sets.

Must Have

These are all absolutely fantastic primers. Haven't had a client react to this ever either! The texture is so creamy as smooth, drying with no pigment (original and anti-aging) and a little goes a long way. The pigment of shadows is absolutely amplified when using this prier, and I've never had any creasing, fallout, or poor wearing of shadows when using this gem. Also makes my shadow waterproof! I love Sin for when I'm rushing out the door doing a simple makeup, I'll just dab a little bit of this on my eyes and I'm done as far as shadow goes (perfect for beach or boating days). Can't say enough good things about this - a true staple.

Gifting to myself!

I know this is part of their holiday sets.. but this is too cute to not have on my vanity! Plus the pigmentation is fabulous, the value is amazing, and the products are just down right good. Love these colors, and you really don't need too much more after having this (but we neeeed more (; ). The package sparkles really shine under my Christmas lights and is getting me in the holliday spirit. (one of these eyeshadow packs has smokeys with a green in it.. hello Christmas Eve eye! Can't wait!). I'd say this is a must buy for makeup junkies out there. Great product value, and the eye candy is so sweet it might give you a cavity ;)


This mascara is okay, I don't really love it, but I like it. I like Bal Gal Lash much more. The brush is great for getting in your inner corner due to the bristles all over. I enjoy much bigger, bristley wands, and this wand has short plastic ones. It really does coat your lashes though. I pretty much only use it for my lower lashes though. I would recommend for others, I just don't really like it. I think there are better ones.

My hands down favorite

Totally love this mascara! It's my hands down favorite mascara. Does everything I want, slight elongation and mega volume. The brush is huge which i love (big brush whore over here), but other gals might not like it for that reason. The formula and brush shape are unlike any I've seen - totally love it. ( Might not be better than sex though, that's hard to beat ;) )

Good quality for $

These brushes are great, especially for your wallet. I haven't experienced any shedding with mine, and their application and feel is dreamy. I use (as pictured) the far left brush to contour and to apply blush and the far right to apply my foundation. Love using that expert face brush (again, far right) for really buffing in my liquid foundation. The smallest brush in the collection I love using to highlight my browbone, inner corner, and cupids bow. Haven't really used the larger flat brush... I have found that they are a bit difficult to clean, takes up a bit of time if you're using your hands. They collect product (liquid) quickly! Still a lovely brush set and could easily be worth more.

Love at first smell!

This eyeshadow bar is so dreamy! The fact that it's made with real cocoa powder is also a huge plus (it smells like delicious chocolate)! I love how the more commonly used colors have bigger blocks of shadow and the others don't. The pigmentation is incredible and all the colors I would use. Totally love this pallete, would recommend!

Good for special events

It takes awhile to get used to doing it on yourself, I find it's way easier to apply on other people. When I do use it, I always like how my skin feels and looks afterwards. Still getting the hang of it, but I am enjoying it! For sure an investment. Make sure to treat it well. I like how you can mix foundations. Have found that they oxidize darker though.

Use it daily

I got the little quad as a present, and I cannot that girl enough! I find myself grabbing it daily. Each shade is perfect - pigmented and lasts awhile itself without primer! I use the colors alone or all together to get the "perfect sculpted eye", as the description says. I dread the day I hit pan!

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