Beauty Product Reviews

ive been so in love with this product for years!

im happy to see that it has finally come to beautylish. ive been using it for over 6 or 7 years now. I keep one in every room of my house, a few in various purses, my cars, locker at work and gym, I keep 5 in my office desk (for some reason it keeps disappearing) this is totally a wonder ointment. I buy mine in bulk From Australia since I dont trust amazon or ebay when it comes to this stuff.

not my HG but it is a great mascara. I layer over waterproof mascara to hold my curl longer otherwise the consistency is a bit wet for my lashes and it weighs down my curl.

Ok so i fell into the youtube hype years ago... they smell amazing however I have found that they actually make my lips more dry then before I used it. it leaves a smooth barrier for maybe an hour but once it goes my lips feel more dry... the one In the orange packaging worked better then the others... still ive stopped buying these.

My everyday go to palatte

this i a must have for every beauty junkie! colors are perfect for everyday office look to an intensely dramatic night out look. Down side, a lil on the pricey side but you do get the bang for your buck... also theres a bit of fall out.