Beauty Product Reviews

Can't recommend this enough!

After seeing this lipstick on the Beautylish homepage yesterday, I couldn't resist running to Walgreens to try it out myself. For $2.99 it wasn't much of a gamble. I don't generally wear lipstick, so I also picked up a tube of Lip Butter by Revlon ($7.99) to compare it with. The Lip Butter was just featured in a Vogue article "Cheap & Chic: Vogue's 20 Under $20 Beauty Buys" so I figured it would be a fair competitor. I loved both, but I was blown away by the Wet 'n Wild! Honestly I can't believe how high the quality was! Between the price, opacity and lifespan, I would probably rate it higher than the Revlon lipstick. Though the Lip Butter was a more natural, prettier color, it was less opaque and wiped off more easily than the Wet 'n Wild Mega Last color.

How had I never heard of this before?

It really is the best thing ever! (At least as far as hair is concerned). I have always struggled with tangles. I once went to a salon and ended up with two hair stylists working on either side of my head, trying to get the tangles out before a haircut. This thing is AMAZING! It kind of feels like it's just smoothing over the top of the hair first - and it probably is - but after about 4 strokes, that section of hair is completely tangle-free. I really can't recommend this highly enough. Plus it's only $10 at Sally Beauty Supply!