Beauty Product Reviews


This is by far my favorite bronzer to contour with, it blends beautifully and has amazing buildability. I prefer it to any contour powder I've used. This was the first product from NARS I tried and immediately after first use I ordered Albatross. The brand is amazing and definitely worth the buy. It doesn't look cakey or settle into creases and it lasts all day. I like using it in my crease to give my eyes very subtle definition

Great...if you're consistent

This product is a bit pricy but is works phenomenally well. It is one of the only true ways to get rid of a zit in two days. The catch: you literally need to hold it on your face for hours to get these results. It is not an ideal product to use if you have lots of breakouts as it is most effective when it is held on an breakout for a long period of time and this would take hours to do ever area of the face. I wish it had a bigger head with more LED's. A better alternative would be to get a larger LED screen on amazon

Worth every Penny

Amazing formula as to be expected from Chanel, but wow oh wow. This stuff is magic in a bottle. To those who are not familiar with Chanel products, they are heavily scented, so if you don't like that, do not invest the $50 on this product. Anyway, it is water-based and should not be applied with anything but the fingers (at your discretion) this worked best for me. It blends better than almost every foundation I've ever tried and looks very natural and even. For those who are scared about the price, it honestly is worth it. The difference in quality from this to any drugstore foundation is unbelievable. You don't need much, and in the long run you'll probably spend more on multiple products trying to find one that performs as well as this.


This baby is incredible. I splurge on high end highlighters and I have to say, my NARS illuminating gel is the only comparison and I find this does an even better job. Despite it being a drugstore product, L'Oreal is a brand that focuses on formula, and they hit the nail right on the head with this one. It is creamy light and very illuminating without looking too dewy or shiny. It blends beautifully and is a great highlight. It even has some light coverage so it can under-eye conceal as well.

Okay...not a great concealer but AMAZING highlight and contour

I find the coverage of this product is not the best. If you have severe acne or depigmentation, I would recommend using a different product. However, the blendability of the product is beautiful and it does not settle into pores or crease during the day. I purchased the lightest and darkest shades and find it is a phenomenal product for contouring and highlighting.