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Beauty Product Reviews

Super Shiny & Sparkly

I love this lip gloss formula. Not as sticky like the lip glosses of my youth, and lasts reasonably long for this sort of product.

I was skeptical that I “needed” a gloss, but, there are days, especially in summer, where just eyeliner, mascara, and lips are all I need. A gloss looks so rich and lush, and while I adore all my lip velours, topped with The Gloss anything seems moist & juicy and I decided I like it.

Sequin Glass looks as if it has a champagne base or tint, with beautiful glitter in varied colors as the light falls on it. It looks beautiful alone, proper when paired with a lip liner, and adds oomph to any lip color as the champagne tint disperses and you can apply this gloss easily over any lip color, from nudes to deep reds. It looks stunning over black lipstick for the glitter to pop for a night look.

If you’re up to do something more daring, Sequin Glass also looks beautiful on the eyes. I’ve worn it alone, and with a colorful liner. I love it, and the The Gloss is presented in a container that makes you feel like royalty when you whip it out to apply. 💖

🖤Goth + Gloss = Midnight Lick🖤

I want to take this lip gloss out behind the building and get her pregnant.

I was a goth chick in the late 80s-early 90s, back when we didn’t have Hot Topic to get our emo together but we had to trudge to every store to find the one or two items they were selling in black. In my maturity, I still rock milky pale skin, a mostly black wardrobe, and am prone to more weird or fun makeup looks if I’m in the mood to serve, or I can just do some eyeliner, mascara & a lip color and call it good, depending on timing and where I’m headed.

Lip gloss wasn’t ever much of a staple for me as a young goth, as everything matte seemed to be what I liked. This meant no lip gloss in high school, and the odd gloss I was given as a gift always seemed super sticky and a mess.

I sorta wrote gloss off, really, because I didn’t care for the texture, and if I wanted some shine I made due with some shiny lip balm. I did buy Lip Glass when Mac brought it out, and I loved its staying power and it was fun to put on the eyes in photo shoots to make models’ eyes so fresh and pretty, or glossy and gone during the grunge era.

I saw Jeffree Star was launching a gloss, and I feel like their Lip Velour formula is the best liquid lipstick on the market, so I checked out the formulas offered in gloss: most have a tinted base with glitter & a tint, and six are translucent but tinted.

Then I saw the black one. Shiny black lip gloss. The goth within roared with glee and I opened my box with great anticipation. Golly this gloss is beautiful. It looks great alone, can be applied thick or thin, layers over colors with some beautiful results with a bit of creativity.

And since this formula is eye safe, the first look I tried with The Gloss I placed Midnight Lick on my lips and eyes. (in pic) The formula is not sticky like lip gloss of my youth, and lasts longer on the lips, and performed as well as a cream shadow on my eyes.

Delightful. Sinful layered over JSC’s black lip velour “Wierdo;” super 90s grunge if you line your lips with a black liner and then top with gloss. I will buy more when my first tube is all gone.

You need this—yes you do.

Small But Mighty

Whilst deciding on the right pomade to whip my lady pompadour into a tall, shiny pouf of perfection, I came across this Dart stick. Loved the ingredients, product promises seemed reasonable. When the stick arrived, I was shocked at its tiny size: I expected something closer to the size of a deodorant, and this stick is a wee bit smaller than a Zippo lighter. I hadn’t made note of the amount of product I was getting, right there in the description.

I opened the stick and immediately loved the scent. I played with the product in my fingers and realized this Dart stick was actually very powerful, so I decided I wasn’t mad at the size of the stick.

It took no time to put a thin layer at the top of my fade to keep that longer bit in order, then a few small swipes at longer hair on top, and in a snap I had a perfect pomp that dried beautifully into place, with lots of shine. Everyone who hugs me when I’m wearing this pomade compliments how great my hair smells.

While I love everything about this pomade stick, I can only give it four out of five stars because the size is so small for the price. Yes, it has good hold, but for $19, I can get a lot more product in other pomade sticks for less money. That’s my only gripe. I will still buy more, but I find it too pricey to use everyday so I’ll keep my Dart stick for only some good hair days. 😊