Beauty Product Reviews

LOVE this brush cleaner!

I used to hate to clean my brushes (even though I would eventually...) because the time it took was ridiculous! Especially, my foundation brushes which would become so saturated with product that I would have to wash 3 and 4 times to satisfctorily get them clean. I had read reviews and hear so many established MUA's rave about Parian Spirit. So I took the plunge and bought an 8 oz bottle and the brush cleaning system off of Beautylish. And boy...I have no idea what took me so long to use this stuff! A process that usually took me an hour or more was probably cut down to 30 minutes because of the amount of brushes I cleaned. It got even the most saturated foundation brush clean and dry in a matter of a minute to 2. Now, let's talk about the great orange smell! I am in LOVE!!! And will be investing in more as soon as I get down to one bottle.