Beauty Product Reviews

Natural looking with a glow

I am in love with this product, there are duo side one matte and the other side is shimmery. You can use both colors together or if you're feeling matte then you have it or if you want just a natural glow on your face use the shimmer side. The blush do last long and its a wonderful investment if you're barely getting into makeup.

Wonderful product

Considering it as a drug store brand, yet this lipstick does the job for a lip stain. I own two shades and it does stain my lips (which its nothing bad about that). I would re-purchased again for the long-lasting, lip stain, and inexpensive.


Love the shape and size of the lip balm, it smells great and many flavors. The only downside is the fact that it does not last long and sometimes it wears off quickly. Overall, I would purchased this product only because of the packaging and the scent. lol

Great vaule, variety of colors, beauitful!

I went to Newport Beach @ Fashion Island and let me tell you, they have so MANY colors to choose from!!! I had a hard time looking at the colors that I wanted instead I ended up getting this palette instead and loved the pigmentation! The sales person was friendly and nice! I would have to say there are fall outs when you apply them on the lids and when you're trying to blend in the colors. Price is worth it and the shadows have different texture, that's why they have so many different varieties of colors. So, if you have an Inglot near you, I highly recommend you to go into the store and test them out rather than ordering it online. Other than that I would purchased more in the near future!