Beauty Product Reviews

Super-fine scrub, smells fresh, lasted 10 months!

I had this in a hamper at Christmas, and even sharing it in my house it still hasn't run out! The particles are so fine making it super effective. It has definitely helped with my breakouts and rough skin and my partners oily breakout-prone skin. I recommend it all the time.

Dewy, melts on and stays put!

When you first squeeze this product from the tube it looks too thick, but as soon as you warm it a little it goes on as a very soft cream rather than a liquid as the name suggests. It stays feeling soft and dewy. I set it with a loose powder in the morning and when I went to add my going out eye makeup to my look I found I had to do nothing to top up my foundation! Great! Also good value for money. Not super heavy coverage, but definitely enough for good day-to-day wear.