Beauty Product Reviews

So i can understand why this product does not have a ton of likes because it has a high price point. However, if you want beautiful skin, please invest in good products. I love Genifique. It leaves the skin glowing. And it the perfect for all ages, can be layered with whatever skincare routine and is a lovely primer for foundation. Lancome counter beauty advisors will give you a week supply to try before you buy. Go check it out!

Love it

One of my favorites from Lancome. The shades blend beautifully and leaves a lovely natural look. Has been with the company forever, so it must be good. Seriously try it. Expensive but they last forever!

Worth It

Any MUA is going to be careful when picking out products. This palette came with good reviews and is an excellent option for anyone starting out in freelance makeup artistry. Nicely pigmented and easy to work with. Worth the money.

It's whats available

First off, I live in Mexico, and the brands that we have available are very limited. So Im trying to use products that are available to the consumer here. This isn't a bad product considering the price point and it works well. It's a pretty basic liner and you get what you pay for. Anybody else in Mexico want more variety? Please help me!!!!!!!

Remarkable Products!!!!

Before purchasing these brushes, I read and watched several reviews on them. All positive. Plus, anyone that follows Sam Chapman on her YouTube channel, Pixiwoo, can see her using these brushes almost exclusively. When I received them in the mail, I fell in love. Just the way they felt in my hand, a feeling only a true brush junkie can relate!!! And the product application is exceptional. I will continue to buy these to use in my freelance makeup business and recommend them to anyone looking for the most perfect brushes ever... you can quote me on that!!!