Beauty Product Reviews

Perfection , I got my life!

SOOOOO , This is my first foundation I've actually used. It light weight. Looks natural, no cakey-ness. It looks like a powder product ,but it's actually smooth and feels like a liquid, when you apply it on or just touch it. It has a nice coverage and stays on really well. I bought this at a beauty supply store , for about 6 dollars and I was lucky enough to find my shade because the majority was out of stock!! If you are looking for a good foundation, FIND & GRAB THIS! It will not disappoint. , XO.

Step 1 Only.

I have this and I really like the primer but the actual mascara is horrible. It leaves my lashes clumpy. I just use the primer and use my other mascaras..

Nothing like Old Fashion..

I love the feel of it on my lips , it leaves my lips feeling smooth and healthy(: I always carry either this jar or the tube with me everywhere I go.. I hate when I run out , It's a necessity to me.