Brush 01 - Foundation

Wayne walks us through all the ways you can use his foundation brush to get a flawless complexion, from diminishing the appearance of fine facial hair to disguising large pores to contouring and highlighting.

Brush 01

Brush 02 - Powder

At 1:17 Wayne reveals a quick “instant eye lift” trick using this brush, which is also perfect for bronzer, blush, and highlighting and contouring. “It’s so soft it won’t disrupt foundation,” he says.

Brush 02

Brush 03 - Large Crease

Here, Wayne shows us how brush 03 can help you tackle all of your eye work and demonstrates different blending and application techniques for shadows, concealers, and more.

Brush 03

Brush 04 - Medium Crease

Learn how to make under eye bags disappear (almost instantly!) starting at 0:48, and find out why this medium-size brush is especially good for hooded eyes.

Brush 04

Brush 05 - Small Crease

Wayne explains why the smallest of his eye shadow brushes is an all-star for tricky tasks, like smudging kohl liner without irritating the eyes and applying dark shadow very precisely, so it only goes exactly where you want it.

Brush 05

Brush 06 - Blending

See how Wayne takes advantage of Brush 06’s flat, slightly rounded shape to blend everything from multiple eye shadows to cream concealers for the most gorgeous results.

Brush 06

Brush 07 - Lip

Find out why this small, flat brush can give you a more precise, perfect edge than the average lipstick brush, and learn how to use it for brows and gel eyeliner, too.

Brush 07

Brush 08 - Precision

Wayne calls it the “smallest push liner brush you’ve ever seen.” Find out what that means, exactly, and how to use Brush 08 for amazing brow and eyeliner.

Brush 08