Beauty Product Reviews

Buy this, you won't regret it!

I had been eyeballing this palette since it's initial release, like so many other makeup lovers. Of course, what put me back was nothing other than the lack of availability - or when it was available from anywhere that wasn't Urban Decay themselves, it was up to three times as much as retail price! Stalking various sites that carry Urban Decay, I watched and waited for a little green "In Stock" logo followed by a price no higher than $50. My patience paid off and I got lucky enough to order it for its normal pice of $48, back in April.

Overview: This palette comes with 12 full-sized Urban Decay eyeshadows, making this a steal and a half. Individual full-sized shadows sell for $17 dollars from Urban Decay. if you bought all of these colors individually (and you couldn't, five are exclusive to this palette) you would spend $204. This palette saves you $156, even more if you count the cost of the packaging and the brush that is included with it. There is also a decent sized mirror that comes covered with a protective plastic film upon opening the palette which is great. The palette itself is wrapped in a gorgeous chocolate brown velveteen cover with the word 'Naked' printed beautifully in gold on the inside and the outside. It's very portable - it fits in even my smallest bag - and these eyeshadows can easily be used for a day-to-day look and amped up easily with the darker shades for night time or smokey looks. Most of the colors included are pinky/mauve toned cream colors, mulchy browns, bronzes/golds/browns, and a couple of silver/black/grays. Even if you are more of a color-wearer, there will be circumstances where you'll wish you had this palette and these colors! (Picture day, wedding, job interview, or if you just want a light, golden/bronzey or smoky look with a punch!)

Loves: The colors are amazing. Absolutely beautiful. I'm more of an original UD girl (I love my rainbow colors!) but I have found these gorgeous 'neutrals' to be both "wearable" for the more reserved, and I have also found them having enough pizazz for even the most unique makeup junkie. They are very smooth and blendable - I mean very! Some feel almost literally creamy. They require minimal product to produce enough color for an even, opaque consistency on the skin (especially when paired with the Primer Potion, my all time favorite primer. You get a little bottle of it with the palette to try out!). You get two mattes which is always nice to have in a an earth-toned 'neutral' sort of palette. Urban Decay's mattes are some of the best I've ever used, comparable to MAC squared (in some instances better) in my opinion. The mattes are also in the most wearable colors; a light brown and a darker brown called 'Naked' and 'Buck'. There is also a black color called 'Creep' that has little blue colored sparkles in it (not a glitterbomb like Midnight Cowboy or anything!)that are very subtle but adds a little kick to the black color, which I love. The last color in the palette, a blue-gray silver entitled Gunmetal, is probably one of all time favorite eyeshadows ever. My favorites in this palette are probably: Sin, Toasted, Hustle, Sidecar, and Gunmetal. Half-Baked could probably sneak in there, too. There aren't any I dislike, aside from the fact Sidecar can have some glitter fallout so it'd be best to do your foundation after and perfect your technique to avoid it as much as possible!

Dislikes: Biggest gripe: Increased price for the now included brush. (which ended up actually breaking on me and I take good care of my brushes! :[ ) Previously, the Urban Decay Naked Palette came with a dual ended 24/7 liner in Zero and Whiskey. I would have much preferred that to the brush. I would pay the increased $4 for the eyeliner. The brush isn't bad, but odds are if you are buying this palette you have a brush to use with it already. Even if you don't, while the brush isn't bad, I've used cheap brushes that work just as well. A lot of people kept complaining about every newer UD palette coming with the Zero liner because they end up having multiples. Well to me, I can never have enough QUALITY black eyeliner and I personally don't have that many Zeros as it is. Even if I did, I would gladly welcome more freebies/cheapies of this wonderful eyeliner. :) Another gripe? There isn't a matte highlight color. While Virgin or Sin can be used, some people (myself included) would rather do a matte highlight with shimmery lids/crease colors to tone it down a bit. I have done looks using this palette solely and they turn out fine, but most days I do pull out a matte color to accompany my makeup. What isn't a gripe for me but may be for other people is this palette does have colors that have been in other palettes (like every other UD palette ever made) like the almost always included Smog. I don't mind because I like Smog, but I just wanted to include that. Also, in time the gold lettering WILL fade, which is sad but not a huge deal.

General consensus: If I run out of this palette I will buy it again. It IS a permanent item thank God. I would and have recommended this to a friend, and I am in love with this palette and have used it religiously, on myself and others! :)

Now to get my hands on Naked2 even if "I don't need it if I have the first one" according to the online-makeup world.. haha :P

These are wonderful!

When I bought all of the pressed Sugarpill eyeshadows, I knew quickly I had to grab some loose ones as well. I nabbed Lumi, Royal Sugar and a sample of Goldilux. They are incredibly pigmented, long lasting, work excellent dry or wet, as shadows or liners, and some even as lip colors! (Lumi, a teal duochrome, on top or in any number of blue-based pink lipsticks looks GORGEOUS!)

I love these so much, I just ordered a few more about an hour ago, and I CANNOT wait 'til they get here! You get a very generous amount of product and they are very much worth every cent you pay since they're insanely pretty and they'll last you forever!

Pretty good, overall!

One of the better lip balms I've used. I think the whole 'it's shaped this way to be more natural and comfortable!' thing is a bit of a gimmick. However, these smell and taste lovely, Lemon Drop (the yellow one) has SPF 15 in it, which is great. I've got several of these strewn throughout my makeup station, in my bag, etc. They moisturize well, I apply it every night before bed and in the morning and it keeps my lips chap-free and soft, ready for any number of bold lips!

A gripe I do have though, is the rubberized feel of the packaging attracts EVERYTHING. If you have a little eyeshadow dust on your vanity or anything like that and you set down the balm, it will pick up any trace of product and it will smear on it (in my experience). That is a bit of a bummer.