Beauty Product Reviews

Not so cute after all...

I like the cute round container this is made in and how the product is round inside. It's super easy to find in my handbags or pocket. It smells so nice and glide smoothly on to the lips. It's super fun to apply on as well! The great part about this product is that they use organic and natural ingredients. The down turn for this product is that it totally chapped my lips. Instead of moisturizing it- it did the opposite. I may have been allergic to something in it or not but it took me a week to recover. I wish I can say I love this and I really wished it worked for me.

wanted to love it

I bought this in the minty green and a light blue. The colors were really pretty on and true to what you see in the bottles. It did dry instantly like it said. However the cons outweigh the pros for me. The polish chipped off the very next day without me doing much tedious work. The brush was huge for my natural nails and the paint dried super quick. Quick is good- but not when you're trying to blend or even out the polish. Wished I could have love it.