Kookoo for Cocoa Products


If you’re still craving sugary goodies post Valentines Day, taste some of our favorite chocolatey beauty products. From cocoa-creamy body butters, to almost-edible scrubs, indulging in your favorite sweets never felt more guiltless! Skip the candy sale section, and put one of these yummy beauty buys on your post-V Day list:

Instead of those boxes of ooey-gooey cherry cordials stacked in the grocery store checkout lines, we have a better impulse buy: the Chocolate Covered Cherries pick-me-up spray by perfume genius Demeter. The crave-worthy scent has us drooling; the fragrance is like eating truffles from the box, just less caloric.

Why devour an entire box of half price bite-size truffles, when you can get your hands on a massive one? Feast your eyes on the LUSH Chocolala Bar. This truffle-shaped massage bar is solid, but melts as you smooth it over dry skin. The cocoa/violet-scented product feels sensual, even if you’re just massaging it on yourself!

Instead of stuffing your face this year with leftover Russell Stovers, stuff your bathroom shelf with goodies from Beautylish favorite Aubrey E Apothecary! We are obsessed with these surprisingly realistic looking chocolate cupcake soaps. Share with your loved ones, or hog them all to yourself—we won’t judge!

Finally: chocolate that’s good for you! The Body Deli’s Dark Chocolate Scrub is made of raw organic cacao beans, sea salt, and a slew of essential oils and butters to nourish, hydrate, and exfoliate your skin with ingredients good enough to eat. The scrub has a rich, natural chocolate scent and leaves you smelling as good as you look.

If truffle-shaped soaps or chocolatey massage bars aren’t doing it for you, consider buttering up with a Treat's The Bath Truffle. This bon bon-shaped bath bomb smells like the real thing. It’s also made from pure cocoa and shea butters, turning your bathwater into a hydrating, healing soak for dry winter skin. The cute paper wrapper is a nice touch, but our ultra-soft skin when we dry off is even nicer.

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