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Worried About Your Body Odor? Try This Deodorant Candy


Have you heard the news? All-natural deodorant creams are one thing, but how about chewing on a deodorant candy for fresh breath—and odor-free skin. The new European confection Deo Perfume Candy claims to leave your body smelling like roses. The science behind the sweet treat lies in geraniol, an alcohol in rose oil which aromatizes the scent as it evaporates through the skin. Depending on body weight, the fragrance should last on the skin around six hours per 12mg serving, but we're still left wondering how sweat factors in. Is this more Willa Wonka than real science to you? Experts are skeptical about the substance and its effects, but the functional fragrance is on our to-try list as of right now. Vote below and let us know if you'll be chewing on this caloric cologne in the near future.