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Beauty Product Reviews

I received this in a customer appreciation bag I never considered buying it until then! I gotta say I love this little bit of makeup brush/blender cleaning heaven. It makes cleaning of my blender and brushes so much easier. I used to procrastinate and drag on in horror when I knew it was time to clean my brushes because it always seemed to take so long and be harder. Now that I have this my brush cleaning is a SNAP and you cant beat that! My beauty blender used to hold product on the inside and get hard in the center even because nothing else would work to really reach and deep clean. I'm pretty satisfied with this.

It took me a while to love it, but Its good

I've had this palette since its release and I must say when it was initially released I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping for more pops of color in this palette. I can say that as time has passed I have grown to love this palette because it offers great transition colors. I WOULD LOVE to see a more poppy palette but I can say these shadows blend well they are perfect for transition on a variety of skin tones and it does have matte and shimmer which every girl needs.