Beauty Product Reviews

Great Quality

I think their overall packaging is very creative! I can only vouch for the color in D'Lilac, but I will say it is pretty pigmented for a soft lavender. I was surprised to find the lipstick to smell like vanilla/ cotton candy. Personally I don't feel this color complimented my skin tone at all seeing as it may have been way too light for my complexion. I really loved the creamy feeling it has!

Love this product!!!

So far i've only tried one of their colors and I must say I LOVE IT. I have their Elitist 83 which is a very shimmery bronze. It shows up nicely on my tan skin and has a beautiful pigmentation. I look forward to trying out a few of their other colors in the future.

Love it!!!

Love their blushes!!! Personally I just have to be careful I dont choose a certain color that causes me to break out.

Though my favorite is Sprung! For those with a golden under-tone skin color, I recommend this color.

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An absolute must have!

What would I do without my Lava Gloss?! I carry this with me no matter where I go. Either it's in my purse when I leave or i'm not leaving at all. This is one of my favorite eyeliners and has been for a few years now. I try not to panic when i realize i'm running low.

Its smooth glossy texture really makes the darkness more intense and is great for easy application.

Although it may smudge a bit easy if worn without base , it is great for a Smokey eye look or romantic night style. Or just use it to bring out your beautiful eyes.