Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

great foundation for makeup artists at an affordable cost! Blends easily , great variety of realistic skin tones, works great in a tropical climate once the skin is prepped correctly. Works great on all skin types looooks sooo natural and photographs beautifully, definitely a favourite


I went to my local beauty supply store with my friends to help them pick out foundations for a photoshoot and there was a representative from Loreal doing make up so i figured ok she can match em up

OH MY GOD guys - we were going clubbing that night so i decided to do their make up the foundation was SO ASHY and AWFUL on dark skin

Mayb she matched them incorrectly , but i was not impressed at all


I love this foundation! I love it! its super affordable yet it gives me the glow of an expensive product even after powdering

It lasts , as in it really lasts a LONG time -- usually all i do it reapply powder because i have oily skin

I apply it [or any other liquid foundation ] with a stippling brush only! It also helps give me that great finish

Overall, this is a must have product for me