Beauty Product Reviews


I think this is a beautiful palette. Great neutral nudes, some with shimmer and some matte. They last pretty well if you use a good primer beforehand. I haven't tried them without one though. I'm very pleased with how pigmented the colors are. Soft shadows, leave a little bit off fallout (nothing too bad though). All in all, I'm love this palette.

Interesting texture...

Let me start off by saying that this lip cream is extremely pigmented, which I love beyond words. It's not the texture of a gloss or a balm, it's more of a whipped texture that feels great on the lips. The only down side is that because it is sort of whipped, it just sits on top of your lips. Meaning, if you kiss someone or drink from a cup, a big portion will come off and leave your lips splotchy. If you aren't planning on touching anything to your lips though, I think you should definitely try this!

Very thin brush...

I'm totally loving this eye liner. I used to use a liquid liner by Maybelline and I would have trouble getting a thin enough line. This liner if perfect for thin lines. I used it right against my lash line above a shadow liner just to make my lashes appear fuller and it looks amazing. You couldn't tell I was wearing it, it just looked like I had well-defined eyes and super thick lashes!

Very shimmery...

I have to say that I love the colors. The blush is sort of a peachy pink that goes well with my skin tone. Unfortunately, there is an extreme amount of glitter in it. Not pearlescence, huge chunks of glitter. I tend to try to be more natural with my makeup, so it was a little off-putting. Fortunately, when you pick up some of the blush on your brush, you only get a few little glitters that will transfer to your face, so the blush is usable. The bronzer does apply very glittery, however. I think it would be best for maybe a teenager in summer or when you go out at night and want to glam up a bit. All in all, beautiful colors, very pigmented, and large enough to easily put your brush into either side and not worry about picking up the color opposite.


I bought this because I read that it was good for oily or acne prone skin because it absorbed shine and oil. I applied it 4 times because I hoped it would grow on me, but it didn't. I would say it is a medium coverage foundation and after applying with my fingers, stippling brush, foundation brush, and flattop brush, it still applied extremely splotchy. My skin became oily not even an hour after applying and I seriously regretted spending so much on a foundation that was worse than the $10 Physician's Formula foundation I used to buy when I first started experimenting with make-up.

Sheer coverage

I bought this foundation a little while ago because I saw the commercials and thought it looked like a nice, lightweight product. It is pretty lightweight, so much that I would say the coverage is sheer at best. When I applied it, I saw no difference to how my skin looked except that you could see my imperfections better than before I applied the foundation. It seems like the foundation rubbed off the concealer I used and I've never had that problem with a foundation before. It applies more like a thin (barely) tinted moisturizer. As someone with acne prone skin, I was hoping this would help cover my acne, not make it more noticeable.

Doesn't blend easily...

I bought this because there were so many great reviews on YouTube about the ColorStay foundations. I was pretty disappointed with it. It dries way to quickly to blend easily, so you either have to mix it with a moisturizer or just apply in parts. Even after it's applied, it was blotchy on my skin. I tried applying with my fingers, a stippling brush, a flattop brush, and a foundation brush but the result was the same. I would say the coverage is medium. It does keep my oily face shine free for about 4 hours before I have to apply a powder, which is okay I guess. The color matched my skin tone well, which is a plus. I had pretty high hopes for this product and I was let down.