Beauty Product Reviews


I picked up this color in Sandy (the green one) and let me tell you--I LOVE IT. It's applicator is amazing, its smooth, and doesn't glob the product onto your lips. Also, it's not a sticky-sticky gloss, to where your mouth feels like it has to be pried open with the jaws of life (over exaggerating, I know!), but it's like a more of a hydrating-sticky. It feels like I just put on a good hydrating lipbalm, except it doesn't sink in right away. Also the sandy smells like green apples, it doesn't taste exactly like green apples, but it doesnt have a nasty carmex taste either. It's very sheer, it looks bright green, but it's extremely clear on. Plus, it's adorable--confetti in the top makes for happy applying(:

VI Vida Loca too bold of a color? Dab & Blend!

I love the formulation of this lipstick. It's very creamy, not dry and doesn't sinks into lip creases (what? lip creases? I know, lol) My only problem with this beautiful lipstick is that this color I chose is a little too dark of a chocolate brown for me. So what I do is dab a bit on my bottom lip, blend into both my top&bottom lip, put a little bit of gloss on, and thats it! its a "my lips, but better" look, and when the gloss wears off, the color is still there! Also is kiss aprooved, no lipstick residue left to wipe off after a kiss!