Beauty Product Reviews

I will never be the same!

I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION!!!!!!! . I am extremely oily to the point where I almost gave up on wearing foundation period.. When I brought my first bottle I was amazed!!!.. Coverage great, no funky smell helped my oily skin and with a great primer I don't even get oily!!.. It is beyond amazing ..

No way..

I really don't like these one bit which sucks because the colors are amazing.. But in my opinion they don't smell good and they are too creamy .. I thought i would never have an issue with creamyness but I do.. Its just a no I don't like that over the creamy feel..


I love this product soooo much .. And for the price I am shocked!!.. This keeps my eyeshadows on for a long time.. I let it dry before I put shadows on it because it i put my shadows while the primer is wet it will definitely crease on me.. Of course I don't pick this over my MAC paint pot but it is good to use everyday so you don't have to worry about using up all your expensive primers!


I like the coverage texture and color selection. I don't like no matter what primer i use it just slides off my face .. even if I powder it within an hour if I happen to scratch my nose it will just completely rub off!!.. I wish they would make this formula more adhesive to the skin then it will be perfect!

It is okay

I am not to impressed with this nail polishes.. All I can say is that they are long wear.. That is probably the only thing I like. Colors are normal most look the same anyways.. The least thing I like is that some of the colors after a day of wearing will have a weird bubble effect .. Maybe its the color I have but I have two that do the same and don't even consider buying another one!..

Love it

I can't live without my painterly paint pot!! My eye shadows never crease with this as my base!! Evens out my skin tone on my eyelids and I just love it.. It amazingly stops my oils from coming out and creasing my eyeshadow. A little goes a long way and it will last you a long time!


Wow This is a great AFFORDABLE concealer best one I own!!.. Perfect for your body and face!!.. Only complain is that it is so thick if you put on more then you should it looks extremely cakey and to get it off you gotta wipe pretty hard.. I use this for photos and I look flawless!!! Also its so much product in the tube and seeing you don't need much to conceal for $6 it will last you MONTHS with every day use!

Love them

I love the long wear I get with these and to me that's the main concern. I don't want my lipstick to be fading threw out the night. I don't like how most of these have a frost or a shimmer and I do not like that on my lips I prefer a matte finish .. As far as the 7 day challenge I haven't yet wore any one of the 7 colors I have for a week in time to test that.. But I will say my lips will feel nice and plump and it does feel great on my lips.

I love this Lip Balm

Best I have tried so far! I the packaging is to die for, the smell is wonderful and lets not forget the taste..I love that it is organic it is a must have in my purse! I run out so quick!!