Beauty Product Reviews

realisic bloody

This blood is easy to apply and sticks good to the skin. It has a realistic effect and is perfect for cut wounds and scrape wounds. This product was recommended in my special FX class by my teacher Chad Washam ( makeup artist for true blood). If you apply it thick it's more a dark red color and if you apply lightly it's more brighter red. This is a look I did for fun on halloween with this product.

Mascara in a tube = you can use every last drop

I love to use this on my clients and myself. As a Make up Artist you can't use a mascara brush on the same person. So this is perfect for that. You just have to press out product and use a mascara brush (disposable or a fan mascara brush) and you're good to go. Even if you're not a make up artist, I think it's very useful you can use this product until the last drop. I attach a picture off my work with this mascara.

Perfect for that High fashion look

This makes your cheeckbones stand out even from very far away. Its perfect If you like standing out cheekbones/ a Kim Kardashian look / our do catwalk shows and high fashion make up pictures.

I attache a picture with one off my works. It's a high fashion make up. :)

It's easy to work with and has great coverage

A lot of different colors I use this on my make up clients and myself. It works the best on normal to oily skin. With dry skin you can use primer with it and don't powder too much. It's the only foundation that has the perfect color for my light/(little) freckled skin. I love it.

I attache a picture off a make up work from me with this foundation :)