Beauty Product Reviews

In love

I am loving this red liquid lipstick! I have different brands of liquid lipsticks but no other brand is better than Jeffree Star! He texture of this color feel amazing on your lips. It dry matte and it doesn't leave this heavy weight on your lips when you apply them like the other brand!

I love this glitter glue. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it does burn a little when apply to the lids. Its does make your eye watery but it dry up really fast. One good thing about this glue is, it stay on all day.

When I brought this lip pencils at a Pro store, it was cheap and its Ben Nye. I fall in love with the color and again it was really cheap.. $3 or $4 for it!! I brought 3 colors. Turn out the color doesn't come out easy and it was hard to apply on. The only way to get the color out is to really press the lip pencil down really hard or heated it with a blow dryer really fast, so this way the color would come out. Out of all I do like the color but just hard to apply on.

I can never walked out my house without this baby!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I went a little crazy over this EOS lip balm and brought every colors they have in the market!!!! love using this lip balm on my model, after applying foundation and powder.

LOVE LOVE Lancome lipstick. Lasted a really long time. The color goes on really nice and it doesn't dry out your lips. I love the pigments of the lipstick, mostly their nude or pinkie lipstick.