Beauty Product Reviews


This is the first and only primer I have ever used and will forever use! it definitely keeps my shadow on and for a long time! It keeps my shadow from going into the crease of my lids. It makes my shadow more noticeable. I <3 this primer!!!

awesome top coat

love this product! it definitely dries super quick! i love painting my nails but i am a person who isn't very patient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry especially when i'm always on the go. it is so much better than any of the other quick dry products i have tried. i would definitely recommend this product to others.

i love this top coat! it's exactly what u want it to do. INSTANTLY DRY! to the touch. i have finally found my go to top coat! i actually used it today for the first time and so hopefully it doesn't chip as it says on the box. crossing my fingers! other than that! 5 stars!

it was love at first sight! OMG! i am a total fanatic now! the colors are soo gorgeous! and now i visit my local beauty shop every week trying to collect as many colors as possible. i am very much interested in the crackle and have the collection and will soon collect the metallic collection. SO EXCITED! YAY FOR CHINA GLAZE!