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I have been on the hunt for a sheer, yet buildable foundation for quite some time! I'm somebody would rather wear a tiny amount of product, rather loads of face makeup. That's just who I am. Seeing as many SPF products break me out, I was a bit apprehensive to try this product out, but instantly I feel in love! It's not necessarily glowy, it's more of a shimmer that hits just the right areas, thus not leading me to use any additional highlighter. It wears a good amount of hours, and is my perfect shade match! Definitely not a product for someone with acne, however, or mild abrasions since it is SO sheer.


Gah! Could a coral lippie get anymore stunning than Jouer's Daiquiri?! This is by far the best color from the brand as it is smooth in coverage, and is true to the color inside the bottle. I found this to hold up past 5 hours, within the two wears I wore it, and I found it to feel as though a light coating was glazed on my lips, rather a heavy and thick liquid lipstick formula. Think Nyx's Matte Lip Cream, with WOWZA pigment!


Such a wonderful color, but it is VERY streaky! For example, you might apply it in a light layer, but if you apply another layer on top the top layer will be darker, and dry down that way, rather blend out sheerer. This is true to being matte, and comfortable however!


This foundation not only has the best coverage it applied like silk! For someone who has terrible hormonal acne, finding a good foundation that lasts all day is a tuffy. This stuff only requires one pump, like it is advertised to do, and literally feels the best on my skin. Super lightweight, doesn't clog my pores (I have sensitive skin) and DOES NOT crease, what more could you ask for? I also love how this isn't completely matte it looks like actual skin, meaning has a slight radiance too it. Favorite foundation so far! Heres a picture of me with the foundation on :)!

Not Bad Not Good Not Neutral

Before getting into the review I would like to say the colors in the pallets are absolutely gorgeous and they work well in a combination. The downfall here is, even with a primer they look like washes of color, which isn't my style. Now, I happen to love Elf. In fact I incorporate a few of their products in my everyday routine i.e. Shimmering Facial Whip and Ultimate Blending Brush, however this pallet just doesn't do it for me! Elf is notorious for having hits and misses so perhaps that is what occurred for me because I noticed a lot of positive reviews on the gold shadow pallets, but I must say Luxe includes a gold and it just looks sheer. They apply better with primer, of course, but it isn't a really great product, or really bad product, or in between product, just eh. By the same token, the swatches look alright but compared to Urban Decay and such- no where NEAR the pigment present in those shadows. Sorry Elf.

The Best of the Best

While I am not new to Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows, this is my first time buying an actual pallet and let me tell you NO REGRETS! It holds up much better than my Urban Decay pallets and is on par with the pigment of Mac Shadows, if not better. The color selection is wonderful because Pink Champagne can be paired with any color in the pallet, including Isla, and even with the shade Deep Purple it can be paired with Witchy or even Hot & Cold. I have tried these with and without a primer and honestly results are the same- impeccable pigment with silky smooth application! They never lean too muddy, each color shows up distinctly making it defiantly worth $32 dollars.

This is the look I had done with the pallet proving most of the shades are compatible (sherbert, pink champagne, deep purple, blossom, and spirit rock)

Best Mascara Ever

This is my holy grail! It volumes my lashes to the point it looks like falsies!! My most favorite aspect is it creates a thick black line almost where eyeliner is not necessary!! I noticed this does clump after a while and does create a black raccoon affect BUT FEAR NOT ABH WATERPROOFER SAVES THE DAY. This is a good investment, and you won't be disappointed!!

In the photo is just the BTS mascara!!


The pigment of this is simply amazing! In fact I wish I would of discovered this first rather Urban Decay's Naked 3! I find that the pigment is much stronger than the Naked 3 and has little to no fall out!! One thing that could be better is wear time. I noticed under hot conditions this does fade which is why I gave this a half star off. Other than that- spectacular product and worth the price!

  • 91
Very suitable

I honestly love this shade SOO much! It has perfect pigment, and staying power! I bought this in 91 and to be honest in real life it looks more like a mauved nude then peachy sand color. This is perfect for my skin and it has yet to cause any acne! This is very bendable in terms of texture and offers a nice range of colors. Only downside is you need to watch it on the amount you pick up! I like to use a stipple brush in the pot- otherwise holy clown cheeks.


I honestly never paid any mind to my brows before using this dip brow and after having it 4 months I can honesty say this is worth the hype and my brow go to! The color match is amazing, not too flashy not too light. I do enjoy how there is an added plus being this is waterproof and has amazing staying power! Compared to any other brow product (MUFE Aqua Brow ect.) this is my #1. In terms of pigment, and creaminess. I like to use Soft Brown to create more definition to my brows (it takes a few minutes before setting, so I can easily blend two shades together).

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