Beauty Product Reviews

over rated, over priced

Yea they're good polishes but they aren't $8 good. They come out with good colors and collections but that's just it, they're good. They aren't really anything special and most of the colors are dupe-able. I do occasionally see one that's pretty unique but I never see myself saying "I HAVE to have this."

Almost 5 stars but

my only con is that it doesn't have good staying power. The colors and gorgeous and there's a wide range of colors and the formula is really nice. Without a top coat though I found that it starts chipping by the next day. Which isn't a big deal anyway, most start chipping within a couple days, it just seems like China Glaze ones are more prone to chip.

decent coverage but broke me out

It does work and blend and cover well but after an hour or so of wearing it my face gets itchy. I have super sensitive skin though so that's more than likely what went wrong. But I have to say even if it didn't make me itch I wouldn't repurchase it. It just didn't amaze me.