Beauty Product Reviews

If you have constantly dry hands...

Then you need this! Just find a Mary Kay rep! is the one I use... I will a dime size amount and my hands are great for at least 6 hours... And I am a chronic hand moisturizer so that is amazing for me!

Very soothing...

Great moisturizer... not something I would use all the time, but if my skin is feeling particularly inflamed that day I definitely will put a little on... very soothing to the skin.

If you bleach your hair like I do...

Then get this... even though I have my hair done in a salon there is only so much they can do to keep it healthy. Penetraitt fixes that! It feels great, smells great, and you can literally feel the difference after one use. Haven't used another conditioner on my hair since 2008... Except for the Penetraitt Deep Conditioning Treatment which I do after ever lightening appointment.... get the whole family, you won't regret it!

I can't live without it!

Ok so I went on a weekend vacation 2 weeks ago and just took a carryon. I almost cried because I couldn't take this with me. If you spike your hair, tease your hair, curl your hair OR ANYTHING that needs a hold; you will love this! Haven't used anything else since 2008. I LOVE SEBASTIAN!

Best under-eye concealer... EVER!

Yes I'm a guy, but we use make-up too... ok the gay ones do lol... This is an amazing under-eye concealer. It comes in 6 colors so go to a salon that uses this line and have them do a test on your skin with the colors. You'll never use anything else again! I have dark almost blue circles under my eyes (I'm pretty sure it's cause I never sleep) and so the one I use has an orange undertone to cancel out the blue... it's awesome!