Beauty Product Reviews

Loving This Even With Rosacea

I was very hesitant to use this because I have rosacea but after reading all the wonderful reviews I dared to try it.

- I suffer from rosacea - I use The Ordinary Glycolic Toner morning and night - I alternate between The Ordinary Mandelic Acid and a .012% retinol at night

That's my exfoliation routine. Please note the evenings I use this Peeling Solution I do not use any additional acids on my skin.

Back to the review; I was so impressed when I rinsed this peel off of my skin! My rosacea wasn't that red and the rest of my skin looked so glowing! The balance of my skincare glided on and when I woke up the next day I loved the look of my skin.

I've used it 3 times as of now and last night was probably the biggest shock. I washed my face for the night and I couldn't believe the look of my skin. My forehead has never been smoother. My Rosacea has greatly diminished and my chin is much less congested. But the real shock was the overall look of my skin. It was so clear of discoloration. It was so even and so white - let me explain. I'm fair skinned but have a lot of discoloration and it makes my skin look darker. Last night was the first time in years I felt I saw my skin as it was meant to be. I don't think there is any higher praise.

My Wrinkles Have Softened

I've been using The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2% for about 4 months now. Let me first say I can not use any other products containing any form of retinol. My skin is extremely sensitive and I have Rosacea. When I started using The Ordinary product I was apprehensive, but upon the first application I knew this was not going to cause irritation to my skin. I thought that perhaps it would do nothing, but I wanted to find out. It's been 4 months now and I'm thrilled with the results. My wrinkles have stopped deepening. Even one fairly established wrinkle right over my left brow has softened dramatically. I'm so grateful that The Ordinary has come along and produced such quality products at such low prices. My skin thanks them very much and Beautylish for delivering them so quickly and beautifully .

I Love This..Need More Time

I really love the way this works on my skin. I have very large pores and rosacea right where you'd think it is. So far I love this for smoothing out my skin and mattifies anything you put on your skin. Does that sound weird? I mean that if you put a very moisturizing sunscreen on, or anything else, put this right over it and your skin will be matte. What I'm waiting to find out is if it will help heel the redness brought on by my rosacea. I've noticed my skin is more even in tone which I love. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll see less redness too.

Loving It

I'm a girl with rosacea so the thought of using this product was scary to say the least. Also I am on a very strict budget. I started building my tolerance to vitamin C with samples of the most non irritating, and most expensive product, Drunk Elephant. Love how that made my skin feel, no irritation. I advanced to samples of Algenerist and built up my tolerance further. Next I was able to purchase a bottle of Timeless Vit C serum, which is what I still use 50% of the time. I now alternate that with this very different Vit C product and I'm tolerating it very well. The grit is difficult to work with, but I have to use this in the morning, because I am in love with The Ordinary Retinol 2% (first Retinol product I can tolerate!). So, I take this and mix it with some Hoda Labo H.A. lotion. Mix it up for a few seconds in my palm and I feel no grittiness after applying. I follow this up with The Buffet and my moisturizing sunscreen. My make up goes on flawlessly and I now can breathe easy spending only $5.80 on, what I'm sure will be, my go to Vit C product. YAY for The Ordinary. I would give it 4.5, but the grittiness does need some work.