Beauty Product Reviews

Love My Palette

i wanted a new palette and decided to treat myself with something nice so i went for this palette. I must say im happy i did! This is a must have. I was sketchy because of the price and wasnt sure if i was going to use it or not but good thing because i use this palette all the time!

Love <3

this was my first mac shadow ever and i have to say im putting all my eggs in the basket for this! I absolutely love this shadow <3 Pretty soon im going to make my custom palete and i want mostly pink, blue, and purple-ish colours..... can anyone give me some good suggestions ?


they are moisterizing but it doesnt last very long. I find myself have to use this every 10-15 minutes. Maybe the more you talk the more it rubs off? I actually loved these at first be then they became soooooo overrated ! Like someone already said people are just buying these for the names and the see celebrities with them. As soon as i pull one out people bum-rush me to see where i bought this. Like yeah its good to like a product but alot of people only just like the name.