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Beauty Product Reviews

My Go To Eye Primer

I have tried loads (and I do mean loads) of eye shadow primers, but I always find myself going back to Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It has great packaging, it evens out skintone without depositing too much color, it helps to intensify eyeshadows and most stays put. All day. This is a staple in my kit!

Pore it On!

My pores turn into tiny cesspools of oil during the summer months. This is one of the few things I have tried that actually works. There is a full review on my blog for anyone interested!

I'm a Mascara Snob

And this mascara is quickly becoming my "Holy Grail" mascara. In fact, it just earned it's own blog post. It's not 100% perfect (it's a little dry and can clump/flake after a bit), but it IS black black and makes lashes look full and voluminous. I would say this is for those who can stand how the Lash Blast wand feels and don't want to pay department store prices!

My Current Must-Have

I waited forever to get this palette. It was so hyped up I just couldn't bring myself to try it. Wow, was I silly. This has not left my makeup bag since I got it. It is so versatile and easy to use. I would 100% recommend this; especially if you are just starting to build your kit.