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Beauty Product Reviews

Ooooh Zoya. How I adore you. I love the bottle shape and the brush is perfect. Zoya formulas can be hit and miss for me (like Gemma - GORGEOUS colour, I love the shimmer, but the formula sucks and never dried for me!) but when they have a great formula, it's a freaking amazing formula. The Mirrors (half of the fall 2011 collection) polishes have gorgeous formulas. My favourite was Yara. You can get away with one coat if you're careful and it's a gorgeous colour. I always look forward to seeing what Zoya will do next - bar glitter?! I hate bar glitter and I want them haha. I also love how great they are about communicating with their customers and their frequent promos, even though I'm international so I can't partake :( Great brand, great polish. Loooove.

I love Essie. Their bottle shape is gorgeous (it matters when you have to store as many polishes as me tehe!) and I love the brush, it's perfect for my nail beds. I can't fairly give Essie five stars though... the colours aren't as unique as what you get from other brands - though when Essie steps out of the pink/sheer neutral/red safe zone, they do it well. I attached my swatch of Smooth Sailing to show that - gorgeous polish, flawless formula. I just wish they were more unique!

Favourite brand

My favourite brand by far. I feel like OPI comes out with collections that have some really unique beauties but the collection overall isn't quite as strong, but China Glaze comes out with (mostly) consistently amazing collections. One of my favourites is the OMG collection - linear holographics? Yes please! I wish I had been a lacquerhead when these came out... they're expensive now but worth every penny. The brush works better for me too, since my nails are more narrow. Definitely the brand I own most of too :)

I love OPI. One of my favourite brands. I wish the brush was a bit smaller but that's only because I have stupidly narrow nail beds. I love their glitters too - I attached a picture of a layering I did. OPI Absolutely Alice with Nicole by OPI Pitch Black Glimmer on top. Loveeee.