Beauty Product Reviews


Okay! i was very shocked by how big this palette was, the video of jstar holding it up, looked much smaller! The pans are HUGE, im actually still shocked by the price for how much product you get. The shades are all very beautiful, Alaskan Ice is more of a greenish teal, it is not a true green like any of the green hilites from the ABH moonchild, or KVD alchemist, its very unique, it is like the colors of the northern lights in itself! All of the shades are very unique, and can even be worn as gorgeous eyeshadows. I bought this palette cause i myself live in anchorage, and was deeply effected by the earthquake, we are still having earthquakes... and i was very happy that Jstar made this, and in his video, he shared his love for alaska, and what we are going through right now, with all these earthquakes and destruction, his video just melted my heart. He is such a sweetie, and i appreciate his big heart so much. You wont regret getting this palette!

"Honest Review" pros & cons

Ive been using high end skincare of YEARS and have almost tried everything out there, so i was really excited to try this line, i do think i will keep this product in my rotation, because this is a good resurfacing solution, i do agree with that, especially for the price. It does not hurt it stings just for a little bit. It did completely get rid of my cystic acne which was a bonus. For that reason i am keeping this product in rotation. It gives a slight glow, i say slight because, " im going to be very truthful" Everyones skin is different everyones skin needs different things. That being said, as this is a good resurfacing solution, its not "The Best" there are many others out there, 'with a higher price tag mind you" that the glow on your skin would last alot longer, i was able to use this more than twice a week without it messing my skin up, and it still didnt seem strong enough for me, again this price tag reflects that. But it is nevertheless still a good product, you cant find anything else on the market in this price range. But i will also be picking up a more expensive AHA/BHA cause like i said, i have found others that have worked alot better.

"Honest Review"

I am a skincare junkie that switched from high end to this brand to give it a try, and some products from this brand i really liked, while this product in my opinion has both pros and cons, everyones skin is different first of all, and everyones skin needs different things, that being said this is a personal opinion. First of all for the cons : if you have any type of acne, silicone isnt usually the best thing to use on it, i can say that this formula is very strong, So id be careful if you have any type of sensitive skin at all, this product left my chin and the area around my nose completely raw. I did notice it broke me out a little bit as well, i can say that this is a good price for a high amount of vitamin C, but ive used other Vitamin C serums that didnt hurt like this, it also dosnt soak into your skin, it just sits there, So you dont really know how much is really soaking into your skin, other than for me it burned really bad. With the Drunk Elephant C firma serum it soaked into my skin, didnt burn or leave my skin raw, and also left my skin glowing, but again, thats a HUGE price difference and DE is expensive. Yes this formula is gritty which didnt really bother me, i just didnt like the sunburn feel after wearing this for a few hours. If this does burn your skin. If your not use to using Vitamin C products you can do a patch test on your arm, or even dilute this with your moisturizer. The Pros that i did see with this product is that i did see fading of acne scars ive had, and my face looked brighter. Like i said not everyone will experience this, but everyones skin is different, im not sure if i will keep this into rotation or not, its not something my skin will be able to handle daily.

Love It! A True Princess Mirror

Love this mirror, its sooo Cute the packaging and just everything about it, not sure why people are complaining or saying its light, it seems like a very good quality mirror and has the perfect weight to it. Everyone should have atleast one of these mirrors. Plus all the detail Jeffree puts into his packaging is to die for.