Beauty Product Reviews

I love this fragrance by Gwen Stefani, I had it a while ago now but I think I should probably buy it again some time definitely. The smell to this fragrance is a strong smell but in a positive way the smell being strong doesn't ruin the fragrance, it isn't over the top strong. The scent is like a smell of happiness. This perfume did last me a long time. I also like the colours she used on the bottle the red, the yellow and the green blend nicely together. I really like the shiny gold lid, I think the lid is beautiful. I pretty much like everything about this perfume, the scent of course, the lid and the bottle. My rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars. Got to be one of my favourite perfumes yet.

I've been waiting for quite a while to review this fragrance, but now I can review it properly because I have the actual perfume itself, when I spray the fragrance on me it smells like a feminine floral smell, not a fruity smell, its definitely a sexy kind of fragrance and it also smells seductive. This smell is quite strong but not over the top, I would say I'm happy with this perfume I think the bottle is pretty especially the butterfly lid and I like the shades of the bottle because it actually looks like a dark purple from a distance but when I look closely it has a sunset orange colour shade to it. What I love most about this fragrance is that it smells feminine and sexy.